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In-depth Market, Decisive Victory of Terminal Store 丨 USUPSOSenior Management Team Inspected and GuidedStore During Spring Festival


In-depth Market, Decisive Victory of Terminal Store 丨 USUPSOSenior Management Team Inspected and GuidedStore During Spring Festival

2017 was a rapid development year of USUPSO. In the past year, after the joint efforts of all USUPSO families, the products have gained more recognition from consumers, and the brand image has also become more deep into people's hearts,the industry status of USUPSO is constantly improving.       

In order to maintain the good momentum of development in 2017, USUPSO people did not have the slightest slack. On February 10, 2018, Mr. Wei Lei, Chairman of USUPSO, worked tirelessly and led the team personally. He led the Deputy General Manager Wang Youhong, Overseas Operation Manager Li Guoquan, Training Manager Yang Junfeng, Director of OperationLiu Bin, and Loss Prevention Director Lin Fei. Director of Marketing Hu Li, 3D designer Tu Jinxiong and other top leaders visited the markets of Guangzhou and Dongguan. Conducted patrols and investigations at terminal stores in Fenggang Yongsheng Avenue, Dongguan Tangxia Garden Street, Dongguan Shiqi Store, Guangzhou Dongpu Store, and Guangzhou Jingxi Store. At the same time, they warmly greeted and prepared gifts to the staffs in the front line.       

This escort event aims to better understand consumer needs, better optimize product structure, enhance service level of stores, and implement brand strategic planning. At the same time, it also brings encouragement and confidence to store staffs and franchising partners to further enhance cohesion. To make everyone to really feel the warmth of the company family.       

During the inspection tour, the leadership team first visited the store decoration display, product inventory sales, asked for the current operation of the stores, and conducted in-depth exchanges with franchisees, store staffs and consumers, as well as the specific issues such asthe image of each terminal stores, products display, employees sales techniques and new employees growth have been carefully investigated, opinions and suggestions of the front-line staffs on product sales, operation management workand headquarters coordination work have been heard.       

At the same time, the leaders carefully inquired about the difficulties encountered by franchisee partners in their management work and the assistance they needed from headquarters, to discuss the improvement of the quality of products and service, store operation management, deepening of supply chain requirements, the strategic direction of products and brand building issues.       

Mr. Wei Lei, Chairman of the Board of Directors, expressed that great development of USUPSO is inseparable from the joint efforts of all the family members. Not only does the company need to further optimize its brand strategy, improve its product supply chain and store operation management, and make its products and services the most well, we also need to join the franchisees and joint partners to actively cooperate with the pace of development, follow the direction of the brand strategy, and together promote the sustainable and stable development of USUPSO.        

Through this patrol event, the morale and confidence of the market front line staffs and partners were greatly encouraged. At the same time, the leadership of each department of USUPSO heard the most real feedback from the terminal stores and found the existing problemsof each store andthe concerns of franchisee partners. It also collected the most valuable front-line data and information for the development of the next stage of the company's development strategy, and makes the various types of policies to be more closely aligned with the actual conditions of the terminal stores. It will bring greater support to franchisee partners and bring more energy to terminal stores,steadily occupy the market and lead the sales marketing strategy.       

Only go deep into the market can fit the actual situation; only by discovering problems can we improve the development; only by doing a good job of strategic deployment can we achieve a win-win business! We always believe that winning is in the terminal stores!