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The USUPSO (China) Store Manager Training Conference was successfully held, and theterminal stores areboosting performance doubled.


The USUPSO (China) Store Manager Training Conference was successfully held, and theterminal stores areboosting performance doubled.




On February 4th - 6th, a three-day event was ready to take place, USUPSO wins the future - USUPSO (China) Store Manager Training Conference of Operations Center was grandly held in Guangzhou.



USUPSO has always attached great importance to the professional skills and service levels of terminal store employees. It has invested a great deal of time in the cultivation of talents, provided talented training programs at all levels, and committed to continuously improving the professional knowledge and management skills of employees, so as to enhance store sales.  



The Manager Training Conference held regularly by USUPSO Business School is part of the strategic plan for building the professional team of USUPSO. In the future, there will be creating more talented peopleand related training activities to help franchisees to improve their market competitiveness and improve their stores sales performance.  


During this training, hundreds of excellent store managers from all over the country gathered in Guangzhou.Although the weather was cold, their enthusiasm for learning did not diminish.   



As the key execution layer of the company, the overall service awareness and store operation management level of the store managers determine the reputation of USUPSO in the majority of consumer groups and determine the operating conditions of the stores! Only the key executives will continue to improve their service levels, and USUPSO will moves steadily forward.     


The conference aims to provide comprehensive training for the store manager to improve the overall capabilities, make correct decisions in product sales and store management, and allow everyone to better meet the increasingly fierce market competition and challenges to overcome difficulties, create value for the company.  


After a long and careful planning, the conference had a rich curriculum and agenda. During the conference, store managers from all over the country can gather together to share experiences and learn from each other. More importantly, many distinguished guests personally taught these store managers.    


Including Founder and Chairman of USUPSO Wei Lei, Commodity Director Lai Ling, Deputy General Manager Wang Youhong, Operation Director Liu Bin, Loss Prevention Director Lin Fei, Marketing Director Hu Li, IT Manager Xie Guoxin, Metering Manager Deng Guimei, etc senior leaders from the company came to the event to introduce the company's strategic planning, product positioning and direction, store operations and management knowledge, and other great contents, and disseminated practical, standardized and standardized knowledge.  


Through this training, the managers can align with the company's strategic planning, step by step, and unite as one, to creat better performance for the store and creatgreater value for themselves.       


Practical training contents and a warm atmosphere of communication can help the store managers quickly grasped the relevant knowledge points and used them in the next store work.  


Overwhelming applauseand cheers rang from time to time. It was both a praise for the leaders' wisdom and a great applause for the sharers.     


In addition, this training conference also conducted a direct associates' annual awards event to recognize outstanding individuals and collectives in the past year, while encouraging everyone to continue to progress and realize their value.        


The training conference drew a successful conclusion on the pictures of all family members


After this training, the store managers expressed they got great efforts and they were more motivated and confident to do their jobs.  


In the end, the three-day store managers training conference can be held successfully is inseparable from the leadership of the leaders and the hard work of the families. Hereby pay tribute and thanks to all the leaders and colleagues who have contributed to this conference!