Welcome to USUPSO.






In 2017, for USUPSO, it was the year that we inherited the past and opened the future. We were forging ahead in unity and pushing forward the performance. In 2018, we will keep our faith, move forward, strive forward, and continue to create new glories.   


On February 6th, the year 2018, USUPSO Annual Meeting was grandly held in Guangzhou. Including Directors of USUPSO, the Chairman of the Hong Kong Listed Companies Cosmo Lady Director Mr. Zheng Yaonan’s wife--Ms. Wu Xiaoli, USUPSO Global Co-FounderMr. Wei Lei -- CEO of Guangzhou Yousu Enterprise Management Co., Ltd., together with more than 300 familiesthanked the past and imagined the future.   


The signing session was set up at the annual meeting. Everybody can receive the exquisite gifts sent at the time of signing, and at the same time, the signatures of every families are “on the wall”. The family members took photos together and experienced a star-like sign-in treatment.      


With the beginning of the annual meeting, Ms. Wu Xiaoli, representing the chairman of the Board of Directors of Cosmo Lady, attended the evening and delivered an important speech.   

Ms. Wu first brought sincere blessings to all of us, and then shared with usher personal and work experience of retail industry, inspired all USUPSO people to remember and continue to make progress, so as to create greater value for the company. 


At the same time, she also stated that the Cosmo Lady Group has always had a firm confidence and strong expectations for USUPSO under Wei’s leadership. She hopes that the performance of USUPSO will continue to improve and the territory will continue to expand.    


After Ms. Wu Xiaoli’s speech ended, along with the thunderous applause, the founder and CEO Wei Lei made a greeting to everyone. 

By sharing his own legendary life experiences, Mr. Weitold us that as long as we work hard, everything is possible. Afterwards, Mr. Wei summed up since 2017 that USUPSO has blossomed in the domestic and foreign fast-fashion lifestyle department stores, and has consistently achieved remarkable results.    


At the same time, he also hopes that everyone can continue to improve in the next work, never forget the heart and courageously advance toward the strategic plan formulated by the company, so as to provide global consumers with high quality and value for moneyof daily necessities.     



Then, the meeting promulgated various awards such as "Excellent Store Manager", "Excellent Store Clerk", "Outstanding Staff", "Outstanding Newcomer", "Outstanding Middle Management", "Outstanding Department Head", and "Excellent Team" in 2017. We commended outstanding individuals and teams that had made outstanding contributions to the company and made great contributions to the company. We thanked everyone for their hard work over the past year. We encouraged all USUPSO people to learn from them and to become a better Team.    


After the commendation meeting, it was a time for various kinds of shows. You never know the full extent of things until you see them. It turned out that all of our families are full of talents, creative ideas, and wonderful programs one by one. Applause from the audience was also endless.    


Between the shows, cheers, applause, and sighs followed the lucky draw which a lot of people expected and nervous.  


After all the shows were completed, the family members who participated in the annual meeting also selected the three favorite programs that they had in mind. Let us congratulate them. At the same time, we must also thank other families for taking the time to rehearse during their stressful work. It is s hard work, and your performanceswere also very good. ~    


The new year opens new hopes, new journeys carry new dreams. 2017, thank you for every one that supports USUPSO. 2018, let us always keep our faith, continue fighting hard!