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On January 15th, 2018, USUPSO, the world's leading Japanese fast-fashion lifestyle department store, held a grand 2018 investment summit in Guangzhou Crowne Plaza Huadu.    


The theme of the summit was "FOCUS ON NEW RETAIL, WIN THE FUTURE". Mr. Wei Lei, Global Co-Founder and CEO of USUPSO, Mr. Wang Gang, Global Investment Director of USUPSO,Mr. Hu Li, Marketing Director and more than 100 guests gathered together for this grand event. 


Among the thunderous applause, the keynote speaker Mr.Wei Lei always focused on the theme of “FOCUS ON NEW RETAIL, WIN THE FUTURE”, and conducted an in-depth analysis and explanation of the retail development model “New Retail”. Everyone was applauding and agreeing.  


Mr. Wei believes that the success of emerging physical stores such as USUPSO, Zara, H&M, etc. is the reason for the contrariant growth is that they can provide high-quality and low-priced products, and new retail that provides consumers with a better shopping experience is the future of the industry. The development trend of the real economy is a big future. So we must dare to change and embrace the new retail era!   


Afterwards, Mr. Wei, with his legendary life experience and the joy of entrepreneurship, showed people the advantages of USUPSO from scratch, from weak to small, and now the second industry in the industry. The USUPSO's brand connotation, brand movement, and corporate culture were introduced.  


At the same time, Mr. Wei also introduced to the guests in detail the company's current size, layout statusand strategic planning, and professionally interpreted the category, design concept, product positioning, and consumer groups of the top ten product lines of USUPSO.    


Mr. Weispeeches was always wonderful and interesting, rigorous and professional, he made the guests feel satisfied. Everyone had a better understanding of USUPSO, and the applause from the scene continued.  


In the end, the highlight of this summit - "Investment Policy" was elaborated and explained by Wang Gang, Global Investment Director of USUPSO.  


General Manager Wang mentioned that the global investment summit held this time is the first of the new year in 2018. Therefore, it is very attractive for preferential policies, and only franchisees who have signed on the scene can enjoy the activities of this investment promotion. In this regard, franchisee partners are very interested in the signing of a very strong desire.    


After the signing ceremony officially began, many franchisees came to the on-site staff signing office and could not wait to wait in line to sign the contract. some of the guests on the stage were busy signing a photo, and some under the table were also learning more detailed information about the franchise so that they could join the family of USUPSO as soon as possible.  


△Mr. Wei Lei, Global Co-Founder of USUPSO, is giving a speech  

△The first franchisee partner is signing up  

△Franchisee partner from Saudi Arabia  

△Franchisee partners from Nepal 


The on-site signing of the investment summit continued and made a good start for the global layout strategy of USUPSO in 2018. 


As a leader in the lifestyle department store industry, USUPSO has been able to achieve a complete success in this investment summit, apart from the on-site good policy, it is closely related to the product and corporate philosophy of USUPSO. 


In the face of fierce market competition, USUPSO firmly believes that good products, advanced corporate concepts and innovative development models are the foundation for the sustainable development of the company. In the journey to win the future, we must always insist on taking the actual needs of consumers as the leading factor, and strive to create value-conscious products and homes that are easy and enjoyable shopping experiences. We must also not forget our early intentions and work with our partners to make concerted efforts.        


USUPSO, an internationally renowned casual department store brand, is a pioneer and leader in the global “Life Premium Product Consumption” field. USUPSO pursues a “simple, natural, and quality sense” philosophy of life and advocates a philosophy of quality of life. It is committed to providing consumers with truly “high-quality, creative, and low-priced” products. 


In 2013, after being introduced by the China-Guangzhou consortium, USUPSO began to fully enter the Chinese market, and quickly blew up the “life premium product consumption” style in the fashion consumer frontier market. Now it has stationed in nearly 30 countries, signed contracts and opened more than 1,000 shops in the world.